Superkarts Australia congratulates our Champions, Jason Smith in the 250 Inters, Jeff Reed in the 125 Gearbox, along with Brendan Luneman the winner of the 250 National Class competition, and all of the competitors whom make the championship possible with their support.

During the events our media reporting via Mark Jones has indicated the championship contest was an exciting unfolding story that was fiercely battled right to the finish. Go and read those reports for the detail and background of the triumph and hardluck that was the 2012 Australian Superkart Championships.

Many thanks go to our supporters and volunteers who play such an important role in making the championship a hard fought racing spectacle, as well as a prominent social gathering of the Superkarting ‘family’. Special mentions go to Les and Ann from Dunlop Kartsport, for their gracious continuing trophy sponsorship, Supercheap Auto for their greatly appreciated generous donations of product and GiftCards, and the many helpers at our events, sincerely thank you all.

With the finalisation of the 2012 Australian Superkart Championships, Superkarts Australia has under review all of the aspects with a focus on maintaining the competitor interest and viability of the National Championships.

Preparations are underway for the 2013 Superkart Australian Championships.

CHAIRMAN: We advise that Phil Silcock has stepped down as Interim Chairman to concentrate more on his business interests. The board of Superkarts Australia would like to thank Phil for his tireless efforts in leading and assisting the board in its efforts to bring the best out of everyone here, however Phil will remain an SKA director. Superkarts Australia is pleased to announce John Pellicano as the new chairman elected by the Board.

Following the submission of 'Expression Of Interest' back in March this year CAMS has granted Superkarts Australia the Category Management rights for 2013 & onwards to run the Australian Superkart Championships subject to finalisation within the coming weeks.

We are presently looking at all viable options for the 2013 Championships. This entails alternatives outside the Shannon's framework. We have been receptive to initial competitor feedback with the view of addressing as many issues as possible that reflect the mood of competitors as well as the economic climate.

Some of the initiatives under negotiation are:

  • Allowing 'P' platers with appropriate experience level to run at the Championships.
  • All 3 classes are awarded Championship status.
  • A minimum of 5 entries per class .
  • Securing Phillip Island & Eastern Creeks' new track.

We strongly believe that competitor feedback is important, and Superkarts Australia will very soon release a comprehensive Superkarts Australia Survey relating to the Australian Superkart Championships. We strongly urge competitors to take a few moments to respond via the Survey because we need your support for better Superkart Motorsport outcomes.

Regards Superkarts Australia Board