PITTING: SKA and Shannons have finalised Superkart category pitting arrangements for the Queensland Raceway round.

Quote from Rob Curkpatrick, Shannons Nationals Series Director email to SKA explains it best: “As previously agreed, SKA will have a 6m x 54m marquee with a generator and power distribution boards provided. However, the marquee is not on tarmac. Please allow me to explain: The marquee has already been built for Formula 3 this coming weekend (V8’s QR Round). Given the very low ground clearance of F3, the area should also be suitable for Superkarts. The marquee is also placed immediately adjacent to the tarmac road, without a ‘lip’ onto the lawn. The position is close to the same position that we are told by QR that ‘Superkarts use the same area of lawn all the time’. By re-using the marquee we have been able to save a substantial amount of money, so why dismantle and move to another area, plus add the cost of weights? I also need to make a point that even though this option saves money, we are charging around half of what it is actually costing to hire the marquee and the power supply. The permanent garages are paying a premium to assist with the cost of marquees, and the Shannons Nationals is also subsidizing the additional infrastructure.”

The marquee is large enough for our entry number and will be utilised on a ‘two karts per 6m x 3m bay’ basis, so should be comfortable space wise. In accordance with the comments above, the cost per superkart will be $140 to be paid to Clint Brown either upon arrival at the event, or prior by eft to the SKA bank account (please keep a payment confirmation copy as evidence of your payment). Click link to see QR Pit Map

Allocation requests can be made to ska-enquiry@superkart.org.au and we have formulated a draft position list based on PI Round 1. There may be a very limited opportunity for 3 karts in 2 bays situation, for a team interested.

Category pitting at Shannons Nationals rounds comes under the Cams and event OH&S regulations, so individual trailer or tent pitting is not permitted at this event, all competitors must be locatable in their designated category positions. Trailers must be parked in neat formations in the designated parking areas beside and/or behind the Superkart Marquee, with no trailers permitted within the marquee.

Phil Silcock SKA.