Superkarts Australia is pleased to announce the running of the 2013 Australian Superkart Championships with Shannons Nationals. Work has now been underway for some months at securing race dates. 

The 2013 Championships will be staged on the:

22nd – 24th March Eastern Creek NSW and

20th – 22nd September Phillip Island VIC*

It should be noted, the Eastern Creek date is 100% locked in as of this report however we wait a final confirmation from Shannon’s for the Phillip Island date. We don’t anticipate any issues from Shannon’s regarding the date, and will advise members *when it is confirmed.

Superkarts Australia Championship Survey

In recent weeks Superkarts Australia conducted an extensive national survey of superkarters, the information from this Survey is now available for download just click this link - SKA 2013 Survey.

Firstly I would like to thank all of those that took the time fill out the survey; your feedback is valuable to the ongoing planning of the Australian Superkart Championships (ASC). In total we had 56 identified respondents that were capable of spelling their names & interestingly there were many that were not capable of spelling their names so their input of information was discarded from the results but their IP address we do have.

Many thanks must go to the Chairman of the AMRC for his ongoing assistance & support in both the running of the events & the input for the survey. In addition thanks to our third party provider for the professional layout & computation of the results.

In a brief overview of the survey, 2 issues in particular stood out – we have a silent majority of members that support the running of the ASC & secondly very few people appear to understand the parameters surrounding the running of the ASC. There can be no better highlight of this based on the responses tabled within the survey. Almost all of the ‘alternatives’ suggested are neither sustainable nor suitable in meeting the requirements needed to run the Championships.

Clearly the ASC are the pinnacle of race meetings for Superkarting, they are not second or third tier meetings. These are the meetings that set benchmarks; create aspirations & results for only a few. The ASC are the key drivers that quietly enhance club racing…..there can be no better example of this by the level of equipment that has been seen in recent years. Lets be frank now, people don’t invest their hard earned money in the ‘latest n greatest’ to go club racing they do so with a clear eye on the Championships.

In closing I would like to acknowledge the hard working team at Superkarts Australia – put simply a group of volunteer people totally dedicated to the best possible outcomes for Superkarts on a national basis. Then we have the Superkarters themselves, to those who take the time to communicate with Superkarts Australia & express their opinions and gratitude for the opportunities made available, we appreciate your input.

I would welcome and encourage any individual seeking information of any nature related to the Championships to communicate directly with Superkarts Australia. This can be done via our email ska-enquiry@superkart.org.au

John Pellicano. Chairman Superkarts Australia.