The 2013 Superkart Championships Registration has only a short time left for you to pre-enter for the Championships, and receive the discounted Race Entry for doing so.

Registration assists Superkarts Australia in event planning and funding and is vital to ensure the viability the Superkart Championships.

Superkarts Australiacurrently has 2013 Championship Sporting Regulations with Cams, and we have requested a provision for eligible entry for PSK Licence holders who can demonstrate the appropriate racing experience and ability. Cams are currently reviewing the submissions from SKA and will advise the outcome and/or methodology shortly.

PSK LICENCE HOLDERS  Superkarts Australia is announcing that PSK licence holders may register their interest for competing at the Australian Superkart Championships by downloading and sending us the completed documentation.  Superkarts Australia will accept registrations from PSK licence holders without payment of the SKA Levy or Deposit, pending approval by Cams of the dispensation process. Should approval be granted, PSK holders will then be advised to make their payments. This no-risk option ensures that all superkart competitors are able to register and receive the benefit for doing so.

If you have registered, please also drum up your mates as well, so everyone makes the February 1st cut-off date, where-after full entry fees at the race events applies.

To Register, go to the Superkarts Australia website www.superkartsaustralia.org , click on the Events tab and go to 2013 Superkart Championships sub-tab where you will find all of the information and document downloads you’ll need to register.

Should you require any assistance or information regarding the Superkart Championships please feel free to contact Superkarts Australia via our contact email ska-enquiry@ superkart.org.au


SKA Team