PIT ALLOCATIONS: SKA has finalised pitting arrangements with Shannons Nationals. We have been able to meet the team requests with the assistance of Shannons increasing the number of carports on SKA’s request.  Competitors should know that under Cams OH&S safety provisions, that they do need to pit and be found in their allocated area as the paddock plan is retained by officials in case swift contact with any competitor/s is required.

You can print an allocation map from the SKA website ‘Events’ ‘SMP’ page, or from this link – SMP SKA Carport Allocations ,  which shows your position and the respective amount to pay to SKA.

To assist SKA Event Managers please pay prior to the event by EFT to the SKA banking details shown on the List and retain a transfer receipt to show if requested, or pay at the latest on your arrival at Sydney Motorsport Park by cheque or cash to the Event Managers.


EVENT INFORMATION - go to 'Events' tab to download the Schedule and Logistics etc.. 


SCRUTINEERING and Superkart Technical Regs Compliance

Scrutiny check reports from the most recent ASKC rounds in 2012 have revealed some significant non-compliance with STR’s.  To focus on safety at the event and to provide a prompting notice so competitors can check their own race vehicles in their own workshops to ensure compliance, we list here some non-conforming items too frequently seen to have been overlooked by competitors:

  • Master Switch Engine and Battery Isolation Switch not fitted or not operating, or not marked with blue triangle marker  STR 3.6
  • Seat stay intrusion plates not fitted to all seat mount points (Anderson and PVP type mounts still require plates under STR's)  STR 2.3
  • Bead retention screws on 250 class wheels  STR 9.3 (ii)
  • Chassis ID number as per Log Book stamped permanently and visible  STR 1.1
  • Engine numbers or identifying code stamped and visible  STR 9.1
  • Overflow bottles for gearbox breather tubes, and radiator if not a sealed system. STR  6.4/7.6 

Please watch for additional event information updates as we are able to release it.


SKA Team