250cc/450cc Classes – Superkart Tyres:  Notification has been received from CAMS/AMRC in relation to eligible tyres for use at this Championship round by the 250/450cc classes, due to an application pending for approval of an additional tyre to the approved list.  The notice received:

From: Lyn Punshon []
Subject: Superkart Tyre


I am aware that there is an application being processed for the approval of a variation on a Dunlop DEM or DES tyre for use in Superkarts.

To clarify, this application is not at stage where the AMRC can consider it and therefore the tyre will not be approved for the first round of the Australian Superkart Championships, March 22-24.

When the AMRC receives the information and decision paper it will consider it on merit.

As a matter of principle, the AMRC would not approve such a change close to a major event, for any category.


Lyn Punshon       Chairman           Australian Motor Racing Commission I Confederation of Australian Motor Sport

The effect of this notice is that for ASKC Round 1, the current provisions of CAMS Manual 2013 Superkart Technical Regulation 9.3(iii) will be in force.



Dorian Transponders:  SKA has arranged a limited number of hire units for competitors who need them for SMP R1, please pay the $25 rental for your unit when collecting it from the SKA Event Managers,  Competitors are responsible for returning them intact to the EM’s asap after the last race on Sunday.


Superkarts Australia wishes all of our competitors and teams safe travel to the Nationals. This event promises to be an exciting and very strongly contested first Round of the Championships.  SKA Team