Superkarts Australia believes it appropriate to seek responses to an important survey - from as many competitors and members as possible - to evaluate the situation (outlined below) and to make the correct business decisions concerning the Australian Superkart Championships. To ensure accurate feedback, Superkarts Australia will only collate responses from persons identified by name and Superkart club.


In early 2012, Cams Ltd sent a notice to the Australian Superkarting community of Superkarts Australia and state Clubs and Members, indicating that persons or entities may lodge with them an Expression Of Interest (EOI) in running the Australian Superkart Championships in 2013 and beyond. The criteria for the expression of interest submission included detailing the entity structure of the organisation to run the championship, the motorsport involvement and/or management experience and position of the persons that would run the championships, the proposed if any platform or arrangements with promoter/s, and a business plan detailing the structural business and financial operation of the championships intended by the submitting parties or organisation.

In August 2012, Superkarts Australia was contacted by Cams and informed that the submitted Superkarts Australia EOI had been successful and accepted subject to a Category Management Agreement being completed.


Cams Australian Superkart Championship: The Cams current criteria for the awarding of a drivers’ Australian Champion title for superkart classes includes:

  • Competing at a National Permit level championship series consisting of a minimum of two rounds held in separate states,
  • Appropriate Cams competition licensing, and
  • In a class field of ten entrants per class minimum.

For Superkarts Australia to arrange events that satisfy these minimum criteria, advance negotiated contractual arrangements are necessary, as well as committed superkart competitor support. Superkarts Australia may attempt to negotiate changes to these criteria subject to competitor response and approval by Cams.

While Superkarts Australia is pleased with the support of Cams for Superkarts Australia to continue to run the Australian Superkart Championships ongoing, it is important for us to gauge the competitor support for aspects of the championships to ensure it remains viable to do so and that arrangements are in accord with competitor expectations.

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To complete the survey (which will take approximately 10 minutes), please click on this link: 

Survey responses are required to be submitted no later than midnight on Sunday 21st October 2012.

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