McIlveen Wins Race 2 but Jamieson expands his lead


Rain fell twenty minutes before the race, the track was wet but drying, leaving the teams with a choice. Jamieson, Harpas and Smith went slicks, everyone else wets. McIlveen blew them away at the start and went on to win untroubled , lapping Jamieson in the process as he struggled on his slicks. Matt Bass was a brilliant second ahead of Martin Latta and a sideways drifting Ilya Harpas.

Warren McIlveen (Stockman Superkarts Stockman MR2-FPE)Kristian Stebbing was as high as second before his battery went flat, after the fuse blew yesterday, taking 26 or so hours to flatten the battery.

Dalton Rowell climbed into fourth position in 250 National class when his chain snapped and knocked off his fuel line, handing a class 1-2 to the Slipstream team of Dale Williams and Jason Akermanis, finishing sixth and ninth in the wet/dry conditions.

Between them were the top of the 125 class, Tony Lappas singing along in the BRC powered Superkart Evolutions machine ahead of Paul Campbell's Avoig-Honda. Tim Philp had a water leak which put him out with a lap to go.

Jamieson 114, Pegoraro 88, McIlveen 67, Smith 65, Harpas 49 etc
250 National
Akermanis 89, Pellicano 83, Rowell 82, Giglio 69 etc
125 Gearbox
Reed 101, Campbell 90, Philp 81, Lappas 80, Haywood 66 etc