Confirmation from Cams Ltd has been received that the 2013 Australian Superkart Championships Sporting Regulations will make PSK licences eligible for the championship series.  Acceptance of entry from PSK holders is subject to screening by Superkarts Australia and Cams to ensure that the necessary experience and conduct can be demonstrated by applicant/s. Refer NCR’s 82-85.


SKA now encourages holders of a PSK licence that wish to compete to submit their Entry for Round 1. Entry Fee payment will be required to be made following notification by SKA of Entry acceptance.


Final version Superkart Championship Sporting Regulations will be posted asap when received.


Superkarts Australia takes this opportunity to thank those who have assisted us with approval of this landmark initiative to bring Superkarting in line with other categories and increase competitor participation at our Championships. The AMRC and Lyn Punshon, Cams officers Daniel Gargaro and Shawn Graetz, Peter Nelson and the SKA Directors who formulated the submissions are all very much appreciated for their successful efforts.


SKA Team