Round 1 Entries Finalised


250 National class numbers are well down on previous years with only five entries at this time. From contacting owners in this class, the factors at play would appear to be some post GFC economics affecting member’s budgets, and that a number of vehicles have changed hands in the off-season with owners concentrating on club level racing before striking out for the championship. Securing an additional five late entries to ensure a field that meets the Championship minimum level would seem unrealistic, however the class will still race hard for round honours and bragging rights.

Defending 250 International Champion Warren McIlveen

Garage Allocation Shannons are about to announce to Category Managers the event pit allocations so the final location isn't known right now. Sharing spaces will be required, so in respect to those wanting group pitting, please finalise your group requests and email SKA via As previously we will attempt to satisfy all requests so far as possible, and publish the allocations prior to the event.

Disclaimer Forms Note that for your entry to be fully completed and accepted, you must return to SKA the hard copy signed Series Form Disclaimer and Phillip Island Entry Confirmation Disclaimer, you can download these under the SKA website 'Events' tab. SKA can accept clearly scanned completed and signed documents by email for processing and advises competitors to bring originals to the event. Any remaining outstanding disclaimers or omitted docs will need to be completed at the event, so to avoid a possible lengthy delay in clearance of your entry to partake in on-track sessions it is best to get these done now before the event.

250 International
4 Charles Maddern Charles Maddern
5 Dean McGinty Dean McGinty
6 Martin Latta Martin Latta
9 Sam Zavaglia Sam Zavaglia
10 Gary Pegoraro Gary Pegoraro
11 Darren Kitchen Darren Kitchen
16 Darren Hossack Darren Hossack
18 Warren McIlveen Warren McIlveen
24 Carlo Chermaz Carlo Chermaz
27 Barbara Hepworth Todd Johnson
29 Yiani Harpas Yiani Harpas
30 Jason Smith Jason Smith
33 Kristian Stebbing Kristian Stebbing
35 Russell Jamieson Russell Jamieson
54 Brett Purdie Brett Purdie
61 Steve Murray Steve Murray
64 Shannon Novaski Shannon Novaski
65 Jason Laker Jason Laker
78 Josh Barnett Josh Barnett
96 Mark Hanson Stuart Kostera
250 National
2 Dalton Rowell Dalton Rowell
36 Michael Ward Michael Ward
41 Brendan Luneman Brendan Luneman
52 Bernard Walsh Bernard Walsh
83 Joe Tyrrell Joe Tyrrell
125 Gearbox
7 Tony Lappas Tony Lappas
12 Phil Silcock Phil Silcock
14 Matt Bass Matt Bass
19 Sam Zavaglia Tracey Crawford
20 Paul Campbell Paul Campbell
23 Timothy Philp Timothy Philp
26 Garry Haywood Garry Haywood
32 Drene Jamieson Drene Jamieson
34 Jeff Reed Jeff Reed
44 Roger Amiss Roger Amiss
46 Robert Xerri Robert Xerri
50 Brian Wild Brian Wild
75 Drene Jamieson Drene Jamieson