Stevens Pushes to Win Race 2


Anton Stevens pushed himself to take victory in race 2, not aware he was leading until after the race had finished.

Anton Stevens"After rolling through the pits after the race, said a happy Stevens. "I asked Russell Jamieson's father Chryss where he had finished and Chryss said fourth. So I won?"

Stevens battled hard to work himself clear of Warren McIlveen, unaware that Jamieson had wheelspin at the start and dropped to the tail of the 250 International field. Stevens then spent the race chasing down an imaginery race leader. Ilya Harpas moved forward to finish second with Gary Pegoraro third, just beating Russell Jamieson to the line. Matt Bass was fifth ahead of a fading Warren McIlveen who was plagued by misfire after resetting the lap record to 1:28.1133.

Jordan Ford again blitzed the 250 National class, racing 4.5 seconds per lap faster than his class rivals. Dan Lewis had second to himself when Aaron Cogger dropped out and Dale Williams had a slow start. Scott Appledore was involved in a collision on the opening lap when 125 National race Mehmet Sinani had his engine seize and the car snapped sideways into a spin which Appledore could not avoid. Sinani was out on the spot but Appledore continued.

Mark Robin got a gap in the early laps as the leading 125 Nationals tangled with the slower 250 Nationals. Once created the gap could not be bridged, although not for lack of trying as after a race-long battle Paul Campbell, Tim Philp and Garry Haywood came to the line together, finishing in that order.

Race 3 will be held at 12:45pm and can be watched at:

Points after race 2.

250 International:

Anton Stevens 33, Russell Jamieson 33, Gary Pegoraro 30, Ilya Harpas 28, Warren McIlveen 27, Kristian Stebbing 18, Martin Latta 17, Jason Smith 16, Paul Clarke 13, Matt Bass 11, Michael Nicholas 10, Mark Hanson 5, Charles Maddern 0

250 National:

Jordan Ford 40, Dan Lewis 34, Dale Williams 28, Tim Weier 24, Craig Brook 21, Scott Appledore 19, Aaron Cogger 15, Justin Ruggier 0, John Pellicano 0

125 National:

Mark Robin 40, Paul Campbell 34, Tim Philp 28, Garry Haywood 22, Jeff Reed 15, Phil Silcock 11, Tony Lappas 11, Mehmet Sinani 10, Lee Vella 0