Hi all, this is a first reminder to start preparations for SKA NATS Round 2, and notice to you that SKA expects to Open Entry for the Superkarts Australia National Series Round 2 during early August.

We also need another moment of your time, as this note below is important for all superkart members, particularly the national level competitors and teams.

The August superkart club level event activity in Victoria is being falsely promoted as an ‘australian superkart festival’ among other nefarious titles shown in their published documents.

SKA has received contact from concerned competitors about the confusing and false promotions disseminated, so we have properly referred the matter to CAMS National Office Motor Sport Management.

The CAMS Motor Sport Management response to Superkarts Australia is clear and unequivocal:

This {“CAMS Australian Superkart Festival August 20/21”} is in no way endorsed as a CAMS Australia Series, Championship or Festival. I will have a chat with the organisers to ensure that there can be no misunderstanding on the nomenclature.”

Superkarters, let us be clear on this. The August superkart race meeting in Victoria is not a 'championship', not a 'national' anything, nor even a 'festival' as such, despite that club’s many claims in the documents and posts it publishes. The clumsy documentation pretends many things, and whether it is deliberate, dumb or both, it remains wrong.  It does not have approved CAMS Sporting Regulations as they claim, no Category Administrator authority is delegated to the club, nor is it sanctioned by CAMS in any way. Competitors must understand it's simply a local state club meeting for superkart classes races conducted at a PIARC race meeting under the circuit racing permit.

So what does this mean for competitors? While we all want many enjoyable race events for superkarters to attend, we also understand the budgets of superkarters in terms of time and costs. When many competitors plan for attendance at superkart national racing events, the issue is about a race event falsely represented in terms of status and awards. Misleading competitors about the race meeting status and competition level is a breach of CAMS National Competition Regulations. Clubs should have a primary duty to be fair and truthful to all superkarters.

Superkarters should by all means go out and have a safe time and enjoy your club and state racing, in the understanding of what type of race meeting they enter really is.

The Superkarts Australia National Series is the only nationally conducted superkart racing in Australia in 2016. Any competitor confusion caused by the misleading descriptions of this August event risks dilution of participation at a properly organised national superkart event. Superkarts Australia has the right to ensure the viability of SKA race events contracts are not compromised.

The Superkarts Australia National Series is conducted with rounds of The CAMS National Racing Championships (TCNRC) known as Shannons Nationals, which is sanctioned by CAMS and includes Superkarts Australia under a contracted Category Agreement and is held at national level race events.

Thank you for your consideration and understanding of these issues.

In closing, it’s now time for us to encourage teams, drivers and machines to be race-ready for the main game of classic Superkart Racing - SKA NATIONALS ROUND 2 with Shannons Nationals at PHILLIP ISLAND IN SEPTEMBER!

Best regards, SKA Team